The team


Ari Dorbert

Brand Strategy, Consulting, Creative Direction, Copywriting

Wannabe musician and graduate communication designer. Early on, he left design to others and became a copywriter, then CD and Executive CD at international agencies, where he developed campaigns for companies such as Deutsche Bank, Mastercard, Motorola, Nestlé and P&G. In 2010 he founded Goodkom. Expertise: not only well versed in IT, finance and insurance communication. Speciality: brand strategies, storytelling, the big picture, and attention to detail, where needed. Likes: design, travelling, and cooking.



Corinna Krenzer

Content Strategy & Content Management, Social Media, Copywriting

Trained industrial clerk (pharmaceuticals), graduated historian, ethnologist and business economist focusing on marketing & management. Worked for digital agencies and freelance, e.g. for Mercedes-Benz, Lufthansa, Tetra Pak and an international IT company. Expertise: quite everything related to the internet, profound research and long texts. Speciality: language artist, organisational genius, multi talent. Likes: home-baked bread, mountaineering, and literature – that of others and her own.


Julia Wehmeyer

Art Direction, Graphic Design

Child of artists who trained her eye for visuals at an early age. In New York with her camera, then during studying Communication Design and International Communication in Rotterdam. She was an Art Director at Ogilvy and other agencies, e. g. for ING, Lufthansa, Munich Re, Nestlé und SAP. Expertise: conceptual work, graphics, photography, Adobe Creative Cloud. Specialty: corporate design and killer brand logos. Likes: traveling, her family and knows where to find the best cheesecake in Frankfurt.

Frank Krämer

Frontend Development & Programming

Although a graduate designer, he quickly dedicated himself to the technology behind the design. Worked as web developer for McCann MRM, then as freelancer. Expertise: CM systems such as TYPO3, which he tailors for clients as a Certified Integrator. Also loves to develop own solutions with PHP, mailings, and web apps. Speciality: managing complex frontends via simple and intuitive backends. Likes: steering drones and ultra-light flying, but also enjoys diving down.


Cerberus von Fürstenberg


Full grown Braque mix with Spanish heritage and puppy face. Has been part of the team since November 2020 and responses to his nickname Cerbi, unless something else is on his mind. Expertise: excellent observer and passionate in sniffing. Specialty: rabbits and squirrels in the park which enjoy his full attention, and otherwise being cute. Likes: food, naps, tall grass, and walks in the woods.


Oliver Rüdinger

Training & Coaching

Qualified banker and graduated business economist (VWA). Worked for Bayerische Vereinsbank and as member of the Executive Board of LHI Leasing. Today with his company POTENTIALZ he is a coach for sales and management. Expertise: finance and IT, communication strategies to improve employee and customer satisfaction. Speciality: practice-related workshops in order to be able to apply acquired knowledge immediately. Likes: skiing, kitesurfing – and Italy, which is quite obvious for someone living in Munich, the so called northernmost Italian city.


Our network also includes various graphic designers, web designers, copywriters, PR consultants and media specialists who support us as required.

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