Corporate Identity & Brand Strategy

Who am I and how do I say it right?

You want to tell your customers that you are innovative, competent and customer-oriented? This is understandable. But we strongly suspect that your customers expect that anyway. So not worth mentioning? Certainly, but we don't want to just talk about vague company values. It takes more than just fine words and pictures. 

We will work with you to figure out with you what makes your company or brand different from others. What makes you better, or at best unique. So that your customers not only get an idea, but a clear direction, and are able to decide with their minds and hearts. And so your employees know why they like working for you. At the same time, we take a closer look at your customers and target groups, examining what they expect, what they want and what they don't want. Understanding is the first step, a sound strategy is the second.

Brand Development || Brand Strategy || Positioning || Brand Story || Corporate Design || Logo Design

Corporate & Brand Communication

I'm great, and I want everybody to know that.

Once we have found out everything important about your company and your target audience and the strategy is in place, we take the next step and get down to implementing it. From redeveloping or optimizing your website and social media presence to online and offline advertising, videos, trade show communications, employer branding, executive branding, and press relations: we create stories and brand experiences for clients and employees – in a design and tone that fits your company.

We analyse and select the channels that will get you to your goal quickly, and connect them to increase impact and make your company or brand more visible, more interesting and more desirable. And if you need support in media planning and media buying, we have professional partners who are happy to assist you.

Advertising || Web design || Web development || Video production || Internal communication || Employer branding || Public relations

Content Marketing

It’s the content, honey.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But anyone who has ever tried to express this relatively simple sentence with a picture will probably think it over again. Today, content is more important than ever, and it hardly ever gets by without words.

Let us not be mistaken, words are not a purpose in themselves. You want something from your customers that everyone else wants and that your customers often have too little to give away lightly: their time and their attention. To get both you need to offer them something in return. Knowledge, for example. Or inspiration. Perhaps a new perspective? We work with you to find out exactly what you are able to provide. And next we create content that really deserves your customer's time and attention – and which will further shape the story of your brand. Because if content is king, storytelling is its queen.

Content strategy || Social media marketing || Blogs || Professional articles || Whitepapers || E-books

Financial Communication & more

Money is not everything.

There was a time when trust was the beginning of everything. The thesis of a major German bank was arguable even then, since trust is the result of many positive experiences that customers must have had first in order for this trust to be earned. Today, the customer is the focus of attention. Customer orientation is an indispensable keyword in communication. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as the sometimes very individual expectations, wishes and life situations of customers are perceived and understood. And provided that the customers actually experienced this via sophisticated user experience on websites and apps and a convincing appeal in other channels.

The sympathy of clients is gained by those who are interested in their wishes and requirements instead of merely presenting oneself to be interesting. We help banks, asset managers, fintechs, insurance companies and insurtechs to stand out from their competitors.

Start-up Marketing

In every beginning there is a magic

Ambition, discipline, determination, a sparkling idea and a good portion of self-confidence are among the many things a founder needs to build a global empire. But one thing he or she certainly does not need to be: all-in-one.

As a marketing partner, we have already been able to accompany several company start-ups. We support start-ups not only to make their magic sparkle, but also to keep the fire burning beyond the first wave of public attention. Here we start early on. We advise founders on how to transform their ideas into a successful business model, work with them on their strategic approach and polish company presentations, pitch decks, websites and social media sites until they are free of empty phrases. We develop the story that turns a newly founded company into a real brand. And because that alone is not always enough, we also assist in bringing investors on board to overcome what may be the most urgent challenge: to economically survive the young enterprise's critical early stage.

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